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Migrate from Builders

Why remove the builders?

  • Builders serves more of a purpose in the original FormMaster repository to quickly build form elements by chaining setters
  • Setters in KFormMaster were kept to provide some compatibility with Java and limit the properties in the Kotlin Form DSL
  • Compatibility with Java was fixed in a recent update by removing the original builder methods in the Form Element classes
  • Now, the only purpose of the builder classes was to build form elements in the Form DSL
  • The builder classes create too much redundancy in the code and cause issues with the Dex file that is created

Migrate to Form Element Classes

  1. Remove builder imports
  2. Replace ".build()" with ""
  3. Replace Builder Classes with Form Element Classes
Builder Class Form Element Class
HeaderBuilder FormHeader
EmailEditTextBuilder FormEmailEditTextElement
PasswordEditTextBuilder FormPasswordEditTextElement
PhoneEditTextBuilder FormPhoneEditTextElement
SingleLineEditTextBuilder FormSingleLineEditTextElement
MultiLineEditTextBuilder FormMultiLineEditTextElement
NumberEditTextBuilder FormNumberEditTextElement
DateBuilder FormPickerDateElement
TimeBuilder FormPickerTimeElement
DateTimeBuilder FormPickerDateTimeElement
DropDownBuilder FormPickerDropDownElement
MultiCheckBoxBuilder FormPickerMultiCheckBoxElement
AutoCompleteBuilder FormAutoCompleteElement
AutoCompleteTokenBuilder FormTokenAutoCompleteElement
TextViewBuilder FormTextViewElement
LabelBuilder FormLabelElement
SwitchBuilder FormSwitchElement
SliderBuilder FormSliderElement
CheckBoxBuilder FormCheckBoxElement
SegmentedBuilder FormSegmentedElement
ButtonBuilder FormButtonElement