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Cache Form Elements

By default, RecyclerView will cache 2 views. By setting cacheForm = true in the FormBuildHelper, all form elements will be cached instead of recycled. NOTE: This is enabled by default.

Set form element value change listener to get changed value instantly

While creating a new instance of FormBuildHelper, add a listener in the constructor.

var formBuilder = FormBuildHelper(object : OnFormElementValueChangedListener {
    override fun onValueChanged(formElement: BaseFormElement<*>) {
         // do anything here with formElement.value
}, findViewById(, cacheForm = true)

Get value for unique form elements

Use the unique tag assigned earlier to retrieve value (See examples in this repo).

val element = formBuilder.getFormElement<FormEmailEditTextElement>(Email.ordinal)
val value: String = element.value
Use the added index of the element instead if you did not assign a tag.
val element = formBuilder.getElementAtIndex(2)
val value: String = element?.value as String

Check if the form is valid

Use this variable (method in Java) if you need to check whether the required elements of the form are completed.

formBuilder.isValidForm // returns Boolean of whether the form is valid or not

Clear all values

Clear all values of the form elements by calling clearAll().


Add Form Element

Add one form element. Note that setItems() needs to be called afterward.


Add Form Elements

Add multiple form elements.

val elements: MutableList<BaseFormElement<*>> = mutableListOf()

Form Layouts

Form Layouts override the default layouts used for all related form elements in the form.

 formBuilder = form(recyclerView, formLayouts = FormLayouts(
                text = R.layout.form_element_custom,
                textArea = R.layout.form_element_custom))